International Peace Through Tourism Destination Awards 2019 Winners

See below for a list of winners at the 2019 IIPT Destination Awards held in Kathmandu, Nepal in May 2019.

Change Maker in Tourism Award

This award will be awarded to the individual or entrepreneur who has made a significant change towards tourism either from within or outside the travel sector. An individual who has gone beyond the call of duty and spear-headed a new idea or product that brings change to the tourism industry in Nepal.

Darrell Wade, co-Founder and Chairman, Intrepid

Resilience Efforts Through Cultural Diversity

This award looks for a local business, region or NGO that promotes sustainable tourism through cultural diversity and human relationships.

Community Homestay Network Pvt. Ltd

Wild Guanabana

Resilient Tourism Business Award

This award is based on an entity who either has sustainable long-term exponential growth or practices that involve and invest heavily in human capital.

KGH Group

Resilient Tourism Community Award

This award recognizes community-based tourism projects which have created substantial social impact in Nepal, through job creation, training or community development. The winner will be a local enterprise, region or NGO that can demonstrate the enhancement of the community through local cohesion that encourages the people to recognise they are manifestations of their heritage and by sharing their heritage they enrich the tourism sector.

3 Sisters Adventure Trekking P. Ltd & Empowering Women of Nepal - EWN