In today’s world of dynamic, dramatic change, Tourism has become a global force for good. Creating opportunities for upliftment of economies, societies, cultures and environments worldwide, the sector is responsible for 1 in 10 jobs worldwide, 10.4% of global GPD and 30% of services. Importantly, Tourism offers a means of not only establishing strong, united, and competitive foundations for sustainable growth and development of nations, it also offers a framework of protection of these same foundations.

Central to nations leading their people towards a safe, secure, sustainable, shared future is the willingness of leaders within nations to boldly stand up and step forward, especially in times of crisis. The International Institute For Peace Through Tourism (IIPT) - a not for profit organization dedicated to fostering and facilitating tourism initiatives which contribute to international understanding and cooperation (http://peacetourism.org/about-us/) is partnering with Jacobs Media Group to present the IIPT Regional Initiative Awards to such organisations and individuals during The Resilience Council Asian Resilience Summit in Katmandu on May 31, 2019. 

These awards, purposely presented within The Resilience Council Asian Resilience Summit will focus on the outstanding achievements through Nepal's resilience and recovery since the devastation 2015 earthquakes. Past winners are organizations and individuals from across the globe who have been instrumental in showcasing to the world that tourism, as a worldwide social and cultural phenomenon, is one of humanity's truly global activities that brings prosperity to all countries, which in turn, fosters peace.

The IIPT awards are a way of honouring the organizations and leaders who have stood forward in exceptional times of challenge and have made a real difference through their words and their actions. Nominations will be received by our group of prestigious international judges and the winners will be announced on the day.

International Institute for Peace Through Tourism - India
Founder & President
Anita Mendiratta & Associates
Managing Partner
Brighter Group
Founder & President
Founder & Chairman
Just a Drop
Former Secretary General
United Nations World Tourism Organisation
Chairman & Managing Director
Success TryAngles
International Partnerships
Jacobs Media Group

2019 IIPT Award winners

International Peace Through Tourism Destination Awards 2019 Winners

See below for a list of winners at the 2019 IIPT Destination Awards held in Kathmandu, Nepal in May 2019.

Change Maker in Tourism Award

This award will be awarded to the individual or entrepreneur who has made a significant change towards tourism either from within or outside the travel sector. An individual who has gone beyond the call of duty and spear-headed a new idea or product that brings change to the tourism industry in Nepal.

Darrell Wade, co-Founder and Chairman, Intrepid

Resilience Efforts Through Cultural Diversity

This award looks for a local business, region or NGO that promotes sustainable tourism through cultural diversity and human relationships.

Community Homestay Network Pvt. Ltd

Wild Guanabana

Resilient Tourism Business Award

This award is based on an entity who either has sustainable long-term exponential growth or practices that involve and invest heavily in human capital.

KGH Group

Resilient Tourism Community Award

This award recognizes community-based tourism projects which have created substantial social impact in Nepal, through job creation, training or community development. The winner will be a local enterprise, region or NGO that can demonstrate the enhancement of the community through local cohesion that encourages the people to recognise they are manifestations of their heritage and by sharing their heritage they enrich the tourism sector.

3 Sisters Adventure Trekking P. Ltd & Empowering Women of Nepal - EWN

International Institute of Peace Through Tourism Awards winners South Africa

South Africa - Change Maker in Tourism

Alain St. Ange

Craig Reuben Spencer

South Africa - Resilience Efforts Through Cultural Diversity or Environmental Sensitivity

African Bush Camps Foundation

The Black Mambas APU

South Africa - Resilient Tourism Business Award

African Link Tourism

The Asilia Group

South Africa - Resilient Tourism Community Award

Northern Rangelands Trust

S.A. Apartheid Museum