Global Resilience Summit Agenda

Call to Order
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Opening Remarks - The Year in Review

The Resilience Council will open the event with a review of the past year’s activities and a look forward to the road ahead.

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Jacobs Media Group
Establishing a Framework for Resiliency

Heads of the public and private sectors discuss what governments and the travel industry are doing collectively to address crisis preparedness and share specifics around preparation, training, executing and learning. Is the sector aligned?

Planning, training, executing and learning, is the cyclical process in crisis management but how do we identify and incorporate preventative, corrective actions that will lead to resiliency? How do regional challenges get addressed in the development of a plan? What framework, programs/guidance do the global institutions provide to destinations, suppliers or SMEs. What PPPs are in place to aid the industry?

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The World Travel & Tourism Council
Port Authority of London
Director, National Travel and Tourism Office
The Economics of Preparedness

Spotlight on Puerto Rico

Challenges to Resiliency: Societal and Geopolitical

Forces that come to bear upon the sector and its stakeholders will be presented and discussed such as populism, trust, social responsibility, leadership and labor policies as well as scoping access to fiscal assets.

The Trust Barometer indicates enterprises have shifted to the position of trust in society, how does this change how we plan, lead and ensure resiliency in the sector? Enterprise competitiveness and fiscal incentives are where the rubber meets the road, what’s available and where to look? The need to understand the social responsibility of the industry as well the economics of resiliency for both the destination and the SME is paramount for impactful, long term recovery and resiliency.

Director, Middle East and North Africa
Chemonics International
Commissioner, Corporate Social Responsibility
Theory Comes into Practice with the Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre

Professor Waller, the Executive Director of the Crisis Management Centre in Jamaica will give an update on the centre, new locations and supporting collaborations. Struggles in providing aid to the Bahamas. Professor Waller will share some of the challenges faced as well as the vision going forward.

Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre, Jamaica
Managing Partner, Global Sustainability & Social Impact
Finn Partners
Case Study: Global Mega Events for Long Term Resiliency
Vice President: Business Integration & Activations
Expo 2020 Dubai
Natural Disaster Communication Strategies

Crisis communication is complicated. Developing the right strategy and tactics is an art learned through experience; speakers dealing with earthquakes, mountaineering deaths, water shortages, conservation and overtourism will share the lessons learned and important tools for recovery and resiliency.

After Nepal’s 2015 earthquakes and many other lesser events since, the shot that went around the world in May 2019 was a traffic jam on Mt. Everest. Amazing campaigns were launched, the Minister will share insights. South Africa had severe water shortage, fear was the strategy, how was it received and what was learned. Marine conservation with the support of the Pew Charitable Trust may make an important difference, how is the messaging addressing the climate change crisis? Hear about a ground-breaking study exploring global perspectives on high-value, sustainable tourism and potential role of MPAs in contributing to sustainable marine tourism economies. Having identified that some issues are as a result of overtourism, what solutions are there to disperse tourists, or create new site development? Data to the rescue.

Ninister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation
Global Director and Strategist Insights
Founder & CEO
PC Agency
Facing Man-Made Crisis

Man-made crises can range from malfeasance to political discord or corruption to terrorism. Our speakers have first-hand experiences to share. Decide if their actions were purely reactive? Addressing these types of dilemmas is challenging. Nothing in any business school can prepare leaders for such turmoil, so how does one find the right plan, develop the right procedures or contract the right tooling How do businesses thrive in the uncertainty of Brexit? Surviving terrorist events and the ability to return to normal often depends on location, brand or market credit. Speakers will speak from their experience what was it like? Are there lessons to share?

Minister of Culture and Tourism
Sierra Leone
Business Travel Association
Cachet Consulting
Disrupting Travel: Innovation Through 2030

Four special forward-looking presentations to titillate. Moving into the next decade who is launching what and how will it change interaction with the customer? The use of data will provide rich applications for crisis management, what can we see in the near term? The cellular platform will be expanding, 5G is here, what applications are on the horizon? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to replace millions of jobs what are the applications for disaster management and resiliency? Are these apps removing friction or adding displacement?

MSH International
SVP Enterprise Partnerships
SVP, Corporate Development and Communications
i-Free Group
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Annual Global IIPT Champions in Challenge Awards

One individual and two businesses will be recognized and gifted the IIPT Champions of Challenge Awards. Nominations for these winners can be made on the site until October 10, 2019.

The Resilience Council
Official Close