Phil Sylvester
Phil Sylvester
Head, PR/Media Comms, Travel Safety Expert
World Nomads

Phil Sylvester is the Head of PR & Media Comm’s at World Nomads as well as the Executive Producer and co-host of the brand’s podcast. Phil is a 30-year veteran of mainstream broadcast news. Starting as a reporter and later moving behind the autocue as a producer of news broadcasts assembling coverage of some of the biggest news stories of the century. In 2010 took on the role of Executive Producer at Australia’s premiere talkback radio station and steered The Afternoon Show to dominate local ratings. After years in the cut-n-thrust of news and public affairs it was time to find out what was happening over on “the inter-webs”.

Serendipitously World Nomads was looking for someone with expertise in mainstream media and journalism to become their chief storyteller. Before you could say “I love travel” Phil was creating content that enabled travellers to make smart decisions about the places they wanted to go, real information from other travellers about how to stay safe and keep traveling. In 9+ years at World Nomads Phil has also taken his knack for creating informative, compelling and utilitarian copy about destinations and travel, and applied that to the task of telling stories about insurance. Phil has a unique skill set – an understanding of travel insurance coverage, the concepts of why an event is covered and why it is not, along with an understanding of how to play the media game – delivering entertaining and engaging information that empowers travellers – all wrapped-up in tales of how to be a smarter traveller.

With 25 years as a TV News reporter and producer Phil is comfortable in front of the camera, knows intimately the news gathering process, and understands the demands of newscasts to deliver high-value information in an engaging and yet concise manner. In summer you’ll find Phil at the beach - He is a volunteer lifesaver at one of Sydney’s most dangerous beaches. (Has he had to rescue anyone? Yes.) – or at home with his family. In winter he’s managing his son’s football team or watching as many games of Aussie Rules as he can.